Be Like Me! An article on how to be yourself as a Music Producer.

I know, I get it.  There are tens of millions of ‘producers’ out there now.  It can be absolutely frustrating getting your music heard over the cacophony.  But what is more important isn’t your competition – it’s what you are making.  Before the internet it was much harder to make a name for yourself in the music industry. It required incredible amounts of leg work and effort that most people take for granted now because social media makes it easier.  So much work in many cases that it was deter a large portion of producers from truly pushing forward.  Only the strong survive right?

What does Elivis have in common with Jimi Hendrix? What do the Rolling Stones have in common with the Beatles? What does Sting have in common with Sir Paul Mccartney? Aside from huge bank accounts, they all had their own sound.

They broke the mold.  They made their own mold.  They were trailblazers.  Not path followers.  In short they made music that nobody had ever heard before.  They put a spin on a genre that nobody had ever done before.  They created their own legend and legacy from owning a sound that nobody could replicate no matter how hard they tried.

If your goal is to be as big as Calvin Harris or Deadmau5 – you have to think this way.  Take inspiration from artists you love -but your ‘sound’ must be your own.  Don’t just experience the future of music – BE the future of music. Take risks and learn techniques. Be patient and treat your music like an audio sculpture. Don’t be afraid to be different.  Different works.