4 Reasons You Should Have You Music Professionally Mastered

If you are a serious music producer and recording artist, then being on point  with your sound quality will be key.  All to often producers make the mistake of releasing tracks that have not been acoustically treated.  Whether it be lacking compression, depth, or the high end is so shrill you think your ears will start to bleed – it really can make or break your track.  It can also yield night and day results. The end desire is the best possible listening experience to the listener. You have invested your time in your music, this is the time to invest in making it sound really great.

1. Mastering Engineers Know More Then You Doblack-and-white-apple-desk-macbook-pro-large

In terms of making music shine, they know how to take a flat sounding mix and make it sound rich and room filling. They are the experts in terms of using compression, EQ treatment, dynamic attenuation, and use of polishing effects like reverb and delay.

2. Your Music Sounds Different Everywhere!


As a producer who plans to DJ their music at a club, you quickly discover how different your home produced tracks sound on the bigger systems. In a large club systems you heard the strength of the sound quality of your track. For example, if you have to much bass in your mix a 10,000 watt version of it will blast out a muddy rumble.  Too much high end in and a 10,000 watt version will literally make dogs up the street cry. You could potentially damage the hearing of you and those who are listening. This creating a very unpleasant and less favourable reception to your tune.

3. The Are Different Listening Environments


The reality of today is that your music is going to be played on a variety of different mediums.  Through cellphones, car Stereos & bluetooth systems to Home audio & computer speakers.  Each of these different listening environments will reproduce your music in a totally different way. Having a balanced and well mastered track will ensure it stands up no matter where it is being played.

4. The Professionals Do It Why Shouldn’t You?

The biggest artists in the music industry regardless of whether it be EDM, Hip Hop or Rock have their music treated by professionals with years of industry experience.  There isn’t a top 100 EDM artist out there that doesn’t have their music professionally groomed by an audio engineer before it is released.  You might not be well known yet, but you can leave your mark by having a reputation based on not only great music but music of true quality.

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