2011 to present date:

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Lairdriver – Suppose To (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Downloadification (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Anti Monitor (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Dirtball ( Dirtball EP)
Benny Knox – Face Plant (Lairdriver Remix)
Tehran Maistry – K40hz (Lairdriver Remix – Standin Still EP)
Bobby Savage & Alexandra Kane – Lady Killer (Lairdriver Remix)
Tony White, Max Robbers – Las Vegaz (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver & Matt Dagenais – Manchester Black (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Red Light District ( Red Light District EP)
Lairdriver – Coming Home (Red Light District EP)
Lairdriver – Suspension of the 5ths (Red Light District EP)
Lairdriver – Dominion (Red Light District EP)
Lairdriver – Rock N Roll (Original Mix)
John Ryan & Foreman – Runch (lLairdriver Remix)
Benny Knox – Shake It (Lairdriver Remix)
Pest CTRL – Spanish Fly Fishing (Lairdriver Remix)
Lunatics Of Sound & Alyssia – Sunrise (Lairdriver Remix)
Chris Ramos & The Beat Monkey – Baby (Lairdriver Remix)
Rusu & Healey – Syncopate (Lairdriver Remix)
Michael Vello – Trouse (Lairdriver Remix)
Benny Knox – Something Happened (Lairdriver Remix)
Lunatics of Sound – Lunatics of Sound (Lairdriver Remix)
Joe Ghost – I Just Came (Lairdriver Remix)
Joe Ghost – I Hear You Talking (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Rock N Roll (Original Mix)
Bobby Savage – Don’t Break It (Lairdriver Remix)
The Sloppy 5ths – Hug Your Hobo (Lairdriver Remix)
Rex Manning – Doesn’t Anybody Care (Lairdriver Remix)
George Loukas – A Strain (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Beats On The Beach (Original Mix, Star Trick EP)
Lairdriver – Star Trick (Original Mix, Star Trick EP)
Tony Diamond – Olivia (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Conception (Original Remix)
CHK NRS – To Good Looking (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver vs Benny Knox – Man Against the Machine
Benny Knox – World’s Collide (Lairdriver Remix)
Rainman – Turbulence (Lairdriver Remix)
George Loukas – Dirty Work (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Be Like Me (Original Mix) 30 Pieces of Silver EP
Lairdriver – Eat Fire, Die Cold (Original Mix) 30 Pieces of Silver EP
Switchbass – Riverside Park (Lairdriver Remix)
The NightOwls – Keys To The Delorean (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Human Error (Original Mix) (Round 2 EP)
Dislexik – BirdSong (Lairdriver Remix)
Lairdriver – Forever Evil (Original Mix) (Forever Evil EP)
Lairdriver – Perception Exception (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Functional Funk (Original Mix)
Lairdriver – Cliffhanger (Original Mix)
S Def – All Mine (Lairdriver Remix)


AS PART OF W.E.T Project
Zulu March (Original Mix) (Awakening EP)
Waverider (Original Mix) (Awakening EP)
Takin – VKM
Takin – Sands of Time
Jeff Webb – Fuk Dat
Paul Pulse – Pulse Plant
Takin – Frog & Fiddle

Compilations Featured On –
Straight Up! Deep House – Straight Up
Straight Up! Techno Vol.3 – Straight Up
Maloos Music – VA – Summer 2014 Deep & Tech
Terrace Mood 3 – Straight Up!
Terrace Mood 4 – Straight Up!
Lost Economies – Vol.1 – Bud Step Economy
Best of Fine Grind Audio – 2012
Under Pressure Volume 2 – Doppleganger
Filthy Bass Vol 3 – Champion Beats
Ultra-Swankular – Gold N Tech Vol.1
Straight Up! Presents Miami 2012 – Straight Up!
Scrambled Vol.6 – Scrambled Recordings
We Call It Dubstep,Vol.1 – Heavy Bassweight
Reka Prika Collection – Reka Prika
Urban Ride Volume – Tasty Urban Electronic – Doppleganger
Physiques of Tech House – Chapter Two – Play My Track Recordings
Insomnia – The Progressive House Arena – HiFi Stories

Labels Lairdriver Releases Featured On –
6N7 Music, Gold N Tech, Champion Beats, Fine Grind Audio, Maloos Music, Sanex Music, Reka Prika, Applique, Maintain Replay


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