DJ Mixtapes: $35.00 (1-1.5 hours)
Single Mastered Track: $50.00
Additional Mastered Track: $45.00
Single Mixdown and Mastered Track : $70

This entails a full Mixdown, balancing and audio treatment of each stem/channel
that makes up your track.  Conversion to a final WAV file and final mastering treatment
of that WAV file.  (This would be the preferred option should your budget allow it. This
ensures maximum control over every element of the process and the best possible master)

Submitting multiple tracks? You may be eligible for a lower rate. Contact me for a quote!

48 Hour turnaround time.  Free revisions.  As well as a full guide to prepare your music for the Mixdown and Mastering process. Samples of my work are available upon request.

Below are the submission guidelines that you should follow to allow me to get the highest possible results when preparing your Master. I post these regardless of whether you are aware of these guidelines or not.  (Better to have the knowledge ahead of time instead of having to ask, this saves time).


The following 7 requirements will ensure that the Mastering Engineer will have an ample amount of Volume Headroom as well as ensuring that there are no technical obstacles that can commonly be found when a Producer submits a track for mastering purposes. Please adhere to these guidelines. As you are investing hard earned money into your work, I wish to ensure that your investment pays off.

1. Do NOT place a limiter on the Master channel. Doing so severely limits the ability to increase headroom after Post Production Mastering techniques have been completed.
( EQ, Compression etc). Leave NOTHING on the Master Channel. If you feel it is essential for certain plugins to be on the Master channel, then please export 2 versions of your Mixdown. One with the plugins present, and the other without the plugins.

2. Please Export your track at bit rate that you have recorded your track in. For example if you are recording in 24 Bit, please export your Wav file in 24 Bit format.

3. Where applicable, do not submit MP3’s. This is a low quality format. After your Master Wav file and the Mastering process has been completed, it may then be rendered to an Mp3 for commercial use purposes for the general public.

4. Leaving 8 bars of silence at the end if you have any end effects. This is at your discretion. But if you do have effects that may have a decay at the end of your track, they will be cut off abruptly.

5. When Exporting your WAV it is essential to make sure that you leave sufficient headroom. It is absolutely essential and your Peak Meter is showing -6b at least. This is achieved by making sure your channel volumes for each track are Mixed in reference to Peak Meter function.

Basic DAW Master Volume Faders will have Peak and RMS Meters built in to them. There are various VST plugins that offer this monitoring as well. Please refer to the Peak Mixdown visual diagram for a demonstration of what you should be looking for.

6. Please turn dithering and normalizing off when exporting your Master.

7. Make sure you send the Mixdown when you are absolutely certain that you are done with your track.

The following images below will help with referencing.

Peak Mixdown Settings Visual Reference

Setting Peak Levels Diagram